How Corporations and Big Box Will Be Dictating Pet Care  - The Demise of the Family Owned Business

I predict that in the near future, costs of veterinary services will increase exponentially in order to maintain care for sick and emergent pets and major surgical procedures.  As there is an ongoing decline in routine care inside veterinary clinics, smaller family-owned hospitals will lapse and close their doors.  Corporate-owned hospitals will corner the market and set prices and there won’t be an independent doctor down the street to offer a more competitive price for needed services.

Eventually, veterinary medicine will look like human medicine…  We won’t be able to afford care for our pets without insurance, because prices will be too high.  Corporations and pet insurance will dictate prices.  Doctors will have protocols dictated to them by corporate entities in the interest of “the bottom line”.  Your pet’s care will be directed by administrators and NOT veterinarians.