T-minus 3 weeks with a Promenade

Last weekend we had the pleasure of meeting a tremendous group of people at the Westmont Pet Promenade! It was an incredibly gusty day though I think all of us there had a great time.  I especially enjoyed getting to meet clients, talking about their needs and determining how we can partner with them at Urban Vet.  

The other local clinics were present as well and the Drs at Village Vet and Friendly Vet were so welcoming and encouraging.  The resounding message: as long as I continue to listen to pet parents, meet their needs and deliver great medicine, this dream will quickly become a successful reality.  

Thank you to my fellow veterinarians, trainers and the Westmont Chamber and vendors for making this event so successful!

See you all in the clinic in 3 weeks!

Moose and Goose

Best In Show

Pet Promenade Judging

Pet Promenade Judging