Baby Steps

We finally did it!!

We got the go ahead from the Westmont Village Board this past Thursday and are looking forward to a very bright future in the Village.

As we move forward with the final floor plan, lease negotiations and permits, I am working with my Architect, Mike Matthys, at Linden Group to decide all of the details of the project going forward.  There have been so many steps to get to this point and I have been dreaming of having my own hospital for nearly 10 years. 

All of the business owners in downtown Westmont have been incredibly supportive and encouraging, especially those right next to the hospital site.  Tony Cappetta, Al Kohout and Irv Kaplan- a very special Thank You!

If you have any friends or family that are looking to work in a great veterinary practice, make changes in the lives of others and maintain a great work:life balance, please have them contact me.

My Best,

Dr. T